Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Providing New Beginnings

God never stops providing. This is what I have learned over the past two weeks since being banned from the camp. While we are all still hurting, we have also seen God's provision through everything. 

Our team was able to come together and brainstorm with a new way to reach refugees. While we still are unable to go into camps, we have refurbished a rental space for refugees to come to us. In this place we will have more freedom then we ever did in the camp. We have already been able to meet refugees on the streets and meet with them at the space. On Monday we will host our first official event. Eventually we hope to have daily hours for refugees to just stop by.

Another blessing has been being able to truly live life with some refugees. We have been able to host and serve several Syrians at our home. Last week we took two families to the beach and swam with them in the ocean. These are things we never had the time or energy to do in the past. I feel blessed to have the chance to love on these people and point them to the one who loves them the most.

Tears fill my eyes when I think that our last day begins in a few hours. But I have no regrets. God has moved this summer. I only wish I could stay longer to see what else He will do here. Please pray for those who are staying and that they will not grow weary. Pray that the new center will be used to bring the Good News to many!