Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wake Up Call

Our country of ministry is one of the world's most populous countries. We are on the biggest unreached island in the world and our city alone has 3 million inhabitants. I've known that fulfilling the Great Commission is not an easy task, but the greatness of it has only become a reality during my time here. Wherever I go, I see great multitudes of people who literally have no contact with the gospel. The number of missionaries is minimal, and the local church often seems like a sleeping giant. I can't even imagine the conditions in fully closed countries. I believe in missionary work with all my heart but I also believe that at the end of the day local believers will be the ones able to reach these nations - those who do not only share the same language but the same culture and past and struggles as well.

These past six weeks here brought many challenges and joys for our team. Even though some circumstances made it difficult for us to spend a lot of time with people from the majority religion, God still worked in mysterious ways. One of the greatest gifts from Him was that we got to meet several local Christians who are all ready to be a light in the darkness but are in need of encouragement and training. These lights give me great hope for the future - it is a privilege to see God work in such humanly impossible circumstances. 

Please pray for these young men and women, the other like-minded locals, and that God would send more workers in the harvest (both cross-cultural and local ones). 3 million people in our city, 250 million in this country, and 3 billion among the unreached. Who will God send, who will go for Him?

Enjoying God,