Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Hole, a tarp & some water

Praise the Lord! We got to baptize a man this past week! Praise God for the way this man has understood God's Word. He started out full of questions and uncertainties but the Lord provided clarity and it's beautiful to see the transformation. The general plan for baptisms is to do them in the ocean, but he is a paraplegic so that was not going to work in this particular situation. Our next idea was to find a large tub or something like that to fill with water, but no such container was available. Right when we were out of ideas and did not know how we were going to make this happen, by God's grace, we spotted a hole outside. We asked him if it would work and he said yes! The hole used to be used to burn coconut shells but no one was using it anymore. So we used a tarp that we borrowed to cover the hole, filled it with water, that's where we baptized him. It was an exciting event that we got to celebrate with him and family members he invited. Praise God for how He provided.
-Mia and Tori