Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Before...
During our stay in Davao, we are living in a house close to the clinic with 4 other midwife students. It is amazing how this place called Palm Village has quickly become like home to us, and it is probably because of the welcoming personalities of the students who live here. The girls have really taken us in and showed us everything from shopping at the market to working with our temperamental washing machine. We have tried to return the favor and serve them in some small ways. One project some of us have taken on is fixing up their front lawn. The students have to devote time to their studies and working in the clinic, so they don't have much time to spare for yardwork. Most people living in the city have barely more than a patch of grass and a few plants for their "yards" but they take great pride in keeping them neat and clean.

I don't know if we actually made any improvement in the aesthetics of the yard, but hey at least we tried right? We are so blessed to get to live with these girls during our time here.

Pray for the 4 girls we live with, that they will feel strengthened and encouraged.

...and After!!