Monday, July 11, 2016

Salvation is Here

One of our Filipino partners has been able to meet for a daily Bible study with a handful of students while the rest of our team go to school to teach English. Through that, 8 have come to know the Lord! Praise and Glory to Him.

Last Wednesday, we were able to go with these students to the beach because they had no school. We were told were going with us and it ended up being 10-wow! Then we got to the beach and shared about baptism (we knew 2 were going to) then we opened it to any of them who wanted to after we double and tripled checked that they understood faith is what saves and not good works so we baptized 3. WOW!

The ocean may have been very littered but they have all been washed by the blood of the Lamb. To Him be the Glory forever and ever!

This week continue to pray for the believer, Melody, on the island. Her son is sick and needs further medical care. Please pray that the Great Physician heals him.

-Tropical Island Disciplemakers