Friday, July 22, 2016

Saying Goodbye...

It's hard to believe doing ministry here has come to a close, it feels like yesterday I got off the plane and was overwhelmed by heat and humidity. I remember my first thought was, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" But in these last two months i've seen God work in ways I could have never imagined. Not just in the people here but also in me and my team. I pray that I will be able to come back next year, and not just me but other student given the opportunity, these people need Christ. 
Keep us in your prayers as we get ready to fly back to the US.
-James, Riverboat Team

"Please forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know so extraordinary a God."    -Jim Elliot

We are done with our last "day of ministry" in the Philippines! The Lord has done amazing things here, and we are so grateful! Continue to pray for the believers here, that they will grow in their relationship with Christ and that they will continue to meet together to study God's Word! God's work has been just as evident in our lives, also: growing in knowledge of Scripture, vision for missions, and patience in working with teammates and not time-conscientious people. God has definitely moved, and His word is not returning void! Pray for our safety as we travel back, also.
-Alex, Riverboat Team

They say getting to know a person/people are difficult but I should say parting time is more difficult. haizt...this feeling of whirlwind?  but serious, this 2 month short term missions is almost over and saying goodbye is hard but beyond this are the smiles and laughter each can keep knowing and witnessing God's hands were working. It could have been other people. It could have been not here. But why this happens? It's not my thoughts, not our working, not accident, but all God's perfect plans. Thank You Lord for what You've done and will be doing!  
-Lovely Mae, Riverboat Team national partner

My goodness this is so crazy!...3 days more left...oh gosh, I can't explain my feelings right now...but thank you so much Lord...working with them is a such a great pleasure and so blessed beyond thankful for them...
-Ate Gigi, Riverboat Team national partner

My team and I will be flying home on Monday! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. I am so excited to share about my summer and see everyone!! Thank you for all the prayers,encouragement, and support. I am so blessed by this summer and will miss the Philippines so much. Praise God for all he has done!!!
-Summer, Advance Team

Tonight is our last night in Tanauan, our Filipino hometown. We have been crying all week long at the thought of leaving. It will be so hard! Tomorrow through Tuesday we will be traveling a little more around the Philippines, then we will leave for the US on Monday night. After a few days of debrief on Alabama, I will finally be able to see my family Thursday night! So excited to see them! Please pray for safe travels, continual good health and to beat jet lag!
-Caroline, Tropical Campus D'Maker

it has been a great summer. Please pray for this place and the people here. For laborers.. and maybe to consider that you are that laborer. It is crazy to think that its been near two months since i've been here and now it is almost over. God has taught me so much and is still doing so. What an honor it is to be welcomed in by God to be a part of is work. The work has just begun. Please pray for me as I move back to the states and move share about what God has done here. Thank you all for the prayers! Our God is moving whether we see it or not.
-Avery, Riverboat Team