Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Continue to pray

As we move through our last week we are filled with joy and love and nostalgia. We had many meetings involving laughter and tears and many gifts! Our time here has come to an end but we still saw the Father moving in mighty ways. In this week He not only gave us time to enjoy the last days with our new friends but treated us to welcoming two more people into our family! We praise Him for being a part of His work. 

Continue to pray for our friends that we are leaving here: for urgency and understanding to those who have not decided to follow yet, for faith and strength to those who are new members in the family, for selflessness and perseverance to those that will come, and for peace and rest to those that are here. Continue to ask for servants to come, people to listen, barriers to be broken, and doors to be opened. And finally keep us in mind as we travel home, for the Father to send His protection and for us to continue to share wherever we are! 

-Tip of the Spear