Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Food and Friends on Idul Fitri

Ramadan has finally ended. Now that the month of fasting is over, people join their families to feast during a celebration called Idul Fitri. We got invited to visit several homes, and over the course of a single day we had three Thanksgiving-sized meals! All of the families we met were incredibly friendly, and they never ceased to offer us more food.

While it was a fun day, Idul Fitri ultimately serves as a reminder to the lostness of the people here. As they celebrate, they apologize to their friends and family for any way they may have wronged them in the past year. They believe that this apology makes them look better in the eyes of God. The people here fail to recognize the severity of their sin and how it separates them from God.

Please pray that the people here would see their need for a Savior. 
Also, with less than two weeks left, ask that God would give our team opportunities to share and strength to finish well. 

-Urban Trekker Team