Thursday, July 28, 2016

Final Day

All students arrived back and have been at debrief for the past couple days. Today (thursday) is their last full day. 

Last day to be with team mates that they have grown to love over the summer.
Last day to to be on that "mountain high" of a full summer of ministry. 
Last day to share all that God has done for the past 2 months with like-minded friends.

Their bodies are tired... their eyes tend to glaze over about mid-afternoon (thanks jet lag!)... and some of them don't smell the best after hand washing their clothes all summer.

But they are joyful. They had the joy of getting to share the Good News with thousands of lost souls this summer. ALL were faithful to plant the seeds... SOME were privileged to be a part of the harvest. They took up the challenge and were faithful to "Do the small things" this summer.

  • Pray for this last day to be a good culmination of all that has taken place this summer
  • Pray for the evening commitment time... the choices to be made will affect the eternal destiny of others.
  • Pray for the good byes to be said. Some have already said good-bye to national partners... now, they will say it to their American team mates.
  • Pray for opportunities for them to share their stories & live out the World Christian lifestyle as they return home to family, friends, churches & school.