Monday, July 11, 2016

A Burdened Heart

The past week has been full of both busy and slow days. With the end of Ramadan many of our friends have returned home to celebrate with their families, leaving our urban context and returning to rural areas. Because of this we have had seemingly discouraging and slow days. Ultimately we trust God's will and we have been using these slow moments to lift up the people we have been able to meet and share with.

On the other hand, because of the holiday people are very open to talking about religion. The people who are left in the city are those who are native to this area. We have been able to partner several times with the national believers to travel out into the community and share. It is so encouraging to see the believers here have the same heart and urgency that we have for the people of this region.

Several days ago we traveled deep into the heart of this region, driving through several hours of villages to visit a friend and his family.  As we drove we were constantly reminded of the presence and depth of Islam in this region. Our hearts are burdened because there is no one out in these areas who know Christ. There is no one living in these areas sharing the gospel. We question how these people will ever hear the Truth.

Please pray for laborers in this region who are willing to go out to the rural settings and share Christ. 
Pray for the connections already made in these regions and for the hearts of those who have already heard the gospel.  
Pray that Christ will raise up spiritual leaders and persons of peace in these communities to lead their people to Christ.