Saturday, July 16, 2016

God Works Through Pokemon Go... SEA style!

It seems impossible to get on the Internet without seeing something about the new smartphone game Pokemon Go. When I see such posts, I usually smile, shake my head, and think, "Such silly things are going on in America." However, little did I know that God had a plan for us, and it would involve Pokemon Go.

Coty and I went to a popular park one night to meet people and prayer walk. Before we were there ten minutes, we encountered a group of at least ten guys, and they were all playing Pokemon Go. We tried to talk with them, but they were either to "caught" up in their game or they couldn't speak English. But one guy did decide to talk with us. His name is Agung. Turns out, Agung didn't really know any of those guys. They were all strangers who just happened to be hunting Pokemon at this park. So Agung had no problem leaving them.

Over the next hour, Coty and I were able to share the entire gospel with him. He was very intrigued, but didn't want to make a decision at that moment. He did want to ask questions and keep talking though. After we finished talking, we hung out with him a bit more and taught him how to play frisbee. Then, after I got his number, we parted ways.

Agung is honestly one of the most receptive people we have shared with since being here. Please pray that God would not give him peace until he accepts the truth of the gospel. Also, please pray that  the mindset of our team would be similar to that of a Pokemon trainer: To catch them all is my real test / To train them is my cause.

-Matt (lyrics to Pokemon theme provided by Coty)