Friday, July 15, 2016

Ripe for the Harvest

Many of us are familiar with this illustration: if it takes ten times of hearing the Truth before a person believes, it is necessary that nine people are seemingly unsuccessful before person number ten is able to see the harvest of that soul. This week, Autumn and I had the privilege of sharing the news with some of our friends who had never heard our news at all. It was amazing to see the father working in our situations, even though some friends were not as receptive as others. Our concern now is that we must leave this city, and our girls, in two weeks. Last night on the way home, Autumn observed, "It was 20-25 years before these girls heard the name we've rejoiced in for nearly our whole life. Who's to say it won't be 25 more before they here it again?" We are learning to trust in the sovereignty of our Creator to send persons 3 and 4 and even 10, until the hearts of these people are softened.

Please join us in the prayer of Luke 10:2. 
Please pray for an increase in laborers to surround with love the friends we've met this summer. 
Also, please pray the same for the 5 million other people in this city who have lived their entire lives without our hope.

---Julie and Autumn