Saturday, July 16, 2016

Caves and Waterfalls

Have you ever been attacked by monkeys?  I couldn't say that before this trip, but those things are vicious! Okay yes I'm being dramatic and no we did not actually get attacked, but those feisty little things will do anything to get your food and water bottles.  We had monkeys trying to steal our bags while we were in the waterfalls.  Let's just say selfie sticks are good for more than just taking pictures, they can be used as weapons too! Maybe that's actually the reason why they get banned from everywhere. Other than crazy monkeys the waterfalls were awesome and so beautiful and we got more than a workout walking up thousands of stairs to get to them.

We also got to go to a Hindu temple.  That was very interesting.  We walked through a cave that displayed many interesting creatures, objects and humans that the Hindu worship.  It was really sad to see all of the idols that they pray to.  Hindus are a very hard people group to reach.  They believe that there are gods for everything and sometimes they will even accept Jesus as just another god to add to their collection.
I feel like a lot of times in America (at least for me) I get stuck in a bubble.  I do not see a lot of true idol worship and I do not realize the true lostness of people.  Yes I see my friends searching for other means of comfort and love and idols through things that they do, but I don't see as much of people truly and confidently worshipping another god.  They fully believe that their way is the true way to get to eternity.

For Muslims, they don't even know if they are going to Heaven, they only hope that on the day they die, God will let them in for their goodness here on Earth.  I mean I live in FULL ASSURANCE that I'm going to Heaven and these people only hope that they will.  They devote their whole lives to no certainty what so ever.  How incredibly sad and unfortunately worthless is that?

How can you help from home?  PRAY.  God works through us and God works through prayer.  He CHOOSES to fully orchestrate this world through our prayers.  How cool is that to have so much ability to use His work on our Earth?!  
Please be praying for open doors and for the Holy Spirit to win the darkness back.  Jesus is the one and only true light and these people HAVE to hear and know that.