Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CCT Girls

Over the past few weeks we have developed such a sweet relationship with four girls from CCT. It all began in a bible study that we held after class, where they poured their hearts out to us about all of the struggles they are facing in their home and in their personal lives. Our hearts have been broken for these girls, and through spending time with them we have seen them come to the Lord. We will baptize 3 of them this coming week!

We have them over at our house on Fridays, and this Friday they asked us how they could share with their fellow students after we leave. Pray that their confidence and enthusiasm is contagious to other students at CCT. They have encouraged us more than they know and we look forward to seeing them every Friday.

Continue to pray that there will be other students at CCT that will join them, and that a student ministry at CCT will be started. 

-Tropical Campus Disciplemakers