Monday, July 11, 2016

July 4th... Southeast Asian style

As much as we miss celebrating back home, we're even more excited be celebrating with our new friends here SE Asia. With the help of our new friend Peter, who spent 6 years studying in California, we were still able to have an amazing Independence Day! He took Des, Allison, Charley, and I to a BBQ restaurant (Asian BBQ that is) where we were greeted by 15 other friends of ours!

After passing out 4th of July stickers, taking pictures, and munching on some delicious meatballs, we heard the Star Spangled Banner come on over the restaurant's loudspeakers! Naturally, we Americans sang along with immense patriotism and belted out "O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!" Even though we aren't great singers, everyone in the restaurant erupted in applause. We were so grateful that our friends were willing to help us celebrate our nation's independence.

After dinner, we went out for ice cream and played games in the upstairs lounge. While some of us were playing games, Des and Allison were able to get insight on the beliefs of our friends there. They also were able to share a little bit of the hope that we have. One guy, Anthony, particularly stands out to me. Some of the conversation made him upset enough to leave the room for a brief time, but he continues to still want to hang out with us. Please pray for him, because I do think the Father is stirring in his heart.

Also be praying for Peter. While in America, he hung out a lot with American believers. One of them even gave him a Matt Chandler book before he returned to his home country, so that he could learn more about the love of the Father. In America, a seed was planted and I believe that the Father is using us 4 to water that seed.