Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Power of Prayer

We are constantly in awe at the amount of prayer we have received over the last 5 weeks. It has amazed us with how quickly we have seen our prayers answered.

The first week we were here, our Filipino partners shared with us that they had been praying for American Missionaries to come to Tanauan for OVER two years. In my own personal life, I began praying two years ago for God to show me what to do with missions. I had just come back from my first International Mission trip and I began to pray that prayer. When they told us, my jaw dropped. How awesome is our God?

We have prayed so hard for a POP (Person of Peace), and the Lord has blessed us with 7. Our Filipino partners have talked about how amazed they are at the amount of people we have baptized. Barriers between us and the students have fallen down, which is such a huge blessing to us. Pray that that still continues to happen.