Monday, July 25, 2016

See you later!

Saying "See you later!"
Today was our last day in the city that has treated us so well for the past 6 weeks. Although it was difficult to leave, we take comfort in the Father's providence and that He will continue to work in the lives of the people we were able to touch.

The best news though is that T made a decision yesterday to trust in Christ for forgiveness. We realized we needed to meet with her one last time after she made a profound comment while hanging out with her and many others last night, "Zack, isn't the best gift of all our Good, Good Father?" She used terminology because she heard us sing at last Wednesday at an English club.

Today Zack and Des met her at a coffee shop and Des was able to through C2C (Creation 2 Christ) with her. After going through the picture and explaining His Story, T came to the conclusion that making a decision for Christ was the most important part of the story. Des then invited her to make that decision and T asked Christ to forgive her!
Des sharing C2C with T

After we all came back to rejoice together in our hotel over how good the Father has been to us this summer, we headed to our going away party to which we had invited all the friends we had made over the past two months. It was so humbling to see such a diverse crowd and remember how the Father brought all of these people into our lives. We shed tears, exchanged gifts, and said "See you later" to these people who the Father is working mightily in.

Our last act before leaving the city was to dunk "King J," the nickname we gave to our friend who came to know the Father 3 weeks ago. We went to another local pool and celebrated his death to his old self and his new life in Christ. As a gift, we gave him an ESV Study Book, a tool he has no access to in this country. Please pray for him as continues to grow in Christ and share the good news with those around him.

Thank you so much everyone for reading this blog and lifting us up to the Father. Our final request is that you will commit to thinking of our friends who came to know Christ- R, King J, and T- along with 48 other people who we deemed to be "seekers" and will be followed up with after we leave. 

It's sad to say goodbye, but we trust that the work the Father has begun here will be completed.

-Tip of the Spear Team