Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July in Chiang Mai

As we were riding in a tuk tuk at the end of our weekend getaway to Chiang Mai, I observed how crazy it was that we were spending two days in a foreign city having the time our lives with three girls who were strangers only a month prior. Of course being the only English speakers around, we have grown together immensely since our awkward orientation days. I could not have wished for better adventure partners!

We climbed hundreds of stairs to seek temples and waterfalls, encountered elephants, oxen, tigers, monkeys, and foxes, paddled our way down a river on a bamboo raft, saw a Thai movie, and of course lots of shopping.

For our Independence Day celebration, we unintentionally ended up at an American restaurant where most of us sunk our teeth into a thick, juicy burger paired with the irreplaceable side of fries. Being the first we consumed in over a month, we were ecstatic. Being stuffed full afterwards, in the American way, we had to make room for dessert. To top the night off, we even saw fireworks right down the street from the restaurant.

Are we rested after a relaxing vacation? No. Did we teach this morning after not getting any sleep on the night bus? By the grace of God, yes. Are we going to bed early this evening? You better believe it!

Grateful for our taste of home, but we have more rice to consume yet. There is still work to be done here and we are determined to see it through.