Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family Reunion with pictures!

This past week was our midway mark for this summer. July 1-3 we were blessed to have a midsummer break. All the teams were able to meet up and rest and fellowship with each other. It was a great few days and I’m not going to lie... the air conditioning was a huge plus.  It really did feel like the family all getting back together again.

We started the trip off in style by renting our own jeepney and pilling everyone up on top. Lets just say we turned heads.

It was after two hours and some really windblown hairdos that we arrived at our hotel in Borongon. It was a glorious place. Beds, air conditioning, showers, toilets! Pure paradise to our tired bodies and we even got a pool. I can promise you right now that each and everyone of us will come home and never take for granted the comforts we enjoy that we used to not even give a second thought to. Some of us may even freak out over water left running so forgive us if we come back a little OCD. Those three days were a much needed rejuvenation period and just getting to have everyone together in one place to hang out and tell stories was a blessing.

On the second day that we went out to a small island close by and spent the day exploring the beaches, caves, and cliff diving into the bluest water you’ve ever seen filled with tropical fish and colorful coral reefs.

At night we met together and covered each team in prayer for the coming month and gave thanks for the individual growth in each of us as well as the safety of each team. We sat down together and went through each team and talked about both our ups and downs, our favorite moments and how God has grown each of us and what He's shown us. I know that personally God has moved in a big way in my life and matured me in ways I never even knew I needed. We have all benefited and learned from this experience and we still get another month to see God do even more!

With our supervisors, Kuya Carl & Ate Suzie Miller

Some of our incredible national team members