Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekend of Ministry at Mercy

Home visit with the help of our translator Vijoreen
Between Saturday and Sunday, our time has been very eventful.  We are steadily blessed with the opportunity for home visits. Katelyn and I (Savannah) were able to visit a new patient named Mylene as well as a follow up with Flora Mae. We were able to share a devotion about the prodigal son followed by a gospel presentation with these ladies, and in the case of Flora Mae, many of her neighbors.  It was a great area to share the Gospel! What an opportunity to do a Bible study in such an area, an area where it is desperately needed! 

Sunday morning, we got ready to go to a church we were invited to attend.  As Emily and I stood by the door and Katelyn finished up in the room, we were startled by a loud buzzer.  We quickly recognized that this was the buzzer that the midwives on shift ring if there is an emergency in the birthroom.  When the buzzer is rung, everyone available must come help.  We quickly ran down the stairs to the birthroom to help in any way that we could.  When we ran in, we soon saw that a baby girl that was just born was completely blue and was not breathing.  The umbilical cord was extremely unhealthy.  The mom wasn’t exactly in the best condition either.  Being there helping, we glanced over at the mother and noticed the mom gave us a little wave.  Katelyn and I quickly realized it was Mylene!!  We had just been to her house the day before for Bible study!  We quickly made our way closer to her.  Katelyn grabbed her hand and I squatted down to talk to her and rub her hair.  She was crying, and we wiped her tears.  

It was no coincidence that we had not left for church yet and that we were in that cubicle.  Her bantay (companion) was not there, and she had no one to calm her or just be with her.  Katelyn and I were able to be her bantays!  She was so relieved and happy that we were there.  We stayed with her for quite a while, and when she and Baby Sophia Mae were stable, we went back upstairs.  We had missed our church service, but God had given us an incredible opportunity to further show His love.  
New friends at a new church

After sitting upstairs for a while, we remembered that one of our translators had mentioned her church had an English service that started after 12.  We texted her, and sure enough, we made it to a Korean church service right down the road.  We finished up the day at our Ms’ house for dinner.  It was her birthday today!  We enjoyed their presence and getting to talk to them about all that had happened this week.  We were further encouraged to pray for big things to happen these last two weeks we are here!  

Pray for us fervently and all the other NT teams to pour all we have into our time left in our areas!

Emily, Katelyn, and Savannah

Neighborhood visits