Tuesday, July 14, 2015

God's Creation

The earth is a place of overwhelming beauty. The mountains echo the glory of the Lord and show His strength. The oceans give us a picture of His vast and incomprehensible love. The sunsets are paintings in the sky, formed by His fingertips. The flowers are better dressed than any clothing humans can design. It is natural for us to admire God's handiwork and think "Wow, Lord, what a wonderful Creator You are!"

However, we have missed the most breathtaking, captivating, and truly amazing part of ALL creation: US!!! While God created every pretty thing we can imagine, He still calls us His treasure. Living among the nations represented in Nashville, I am often stunned by the beauty I see all around me in the people. There is wonder in the elderly Nepali woman sitting in the medical clinic. There is joy emanating from the smile of the energetic Congolese girl. God's fingerprints are all over EVERY SINGLE PERSON. How could I have been so ignorant? My heart breaks for my friends who do not see how truly gorgeous they are to the One who knit their very souls. With so little time left, I pray that God will pour His love out through me and my time until they cannot possibly ignore Him.

Please pray that the people of Nashville will realize that they are God's prized creation.
Pray that they will feel the presence of God and be aware of His love for them.