Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ministry and Babies!

What an incredible past few weeks these have been! Our time here at Mercy is flying by. Sadly, one of our teammates, Kristen, had to leave us on June 25th after receiving word her father had passed away. Please keep her in your prayers as she grieves with and ministers to her family.

By this point we are able to do more duties around the clinic, such as charting births, conducting well mother/baby exams, and assisting with prenatal exams.  The clinic is a blessing in itself.  We sing worship with and lead devotion for all of the prenatal patients Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For about thirty minutes, these women are immersed in the love of the Lord.  We have recently been explaining God’s plan, our sin, His solution, the commitment we make in Him, how we grow with Him, and the assurance of salvation.  We are able to pass out tracts to prenatal patients as well.  We pray over the women as they leave pre-natals, and we pray over every mama and baby that comes through the birth room.

Savannah teaching health lesson
We continue to do home visits to patients on Saturdays. It has been a joy to get to know them better while doing Bible studies with them and their families and friends. Saturdays are spent traveling to the patient’s homes, where we are greeted with smiles as we settle into their homes to begin. We go in two teams with our wonderful translators, Jael, Vi and Cha! We then begin with a short story usually a parable that reflects God’s grace and love He has for each of them, then we ask questions and explain the gospel. We end the home visit with a prayer and always ask for any and all prayer request they may have. Some of the people are very interested in hearing God’s word and want to know more about Him, yet some are still less responsive than others. We look forward to following up with the patients in the weeks to come!

Pray for the families that we've shared with on Saturdays. Pray that the seeds which have been planted will continue to grow.

Emily, Savannah and Katelyn