Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ulot Journal Entries: Jacob

Team leader Jacob and his teammates 
All summer, God has been teaching me to completely rely on Him in every situation! July 24th is one of the nights when He really showed me this. Our team had run out of water and had to send our containers via boat downriver into town to be re-filled, but because of a power outage in town, we weren't able to get our containers back. We weren't able to wash dishes or anything, so that night for dinner we had to eat soup with our hands. Right before dinner a very nasty storm came in with gusty winds. The house we were staying in started shaking and there were leaks all over the bamboo thatched roof. We also lost power and had to eat by candle light. So we were all huddled around the table, eating our soup with our hands while only using candle light, all while the house was shaking and leaking!

Normally I would've been so stressed and upset about this but the Lord reassured me that He was with us.

Though He might not get us out of the storm, He will always get us through it! 

And that's just what He did! He really showed me that my strength was from Him and that He is my sustainer! He gave me so much joy in that moment and that ended up being one of my favorite nights of the summer!

~ Jacob