Friday, July 10, 2015

A little faith goes a long way

Last week, I was getting discouraged that we haven't had as much success as the past teams. I'd also heard how our team was doing so much work yet seeing so little product. We went to a beach last Wednesday, and after getting my fill of swimming, I climbed a small cliff that overlooked the beach. While I sat on this little cliff watching my team enjoy the beach and laugh together, I looked out over the ocean. In my view was a countless number of waves and the next island over from us. I could clearly hear the waves, which is unusual because I have hearing problems. 

While I was listening to the waves, I was reminded that just as each wave crashes into the rocky cliff that I was on... that the mercy of our Father is washed over me more than that. We serve a God who is merciful. He is mighty. He can do all things. I sat there for a little and a song began to come to mind, so I sang. "Give me faith to trust what You say. That You're good, and Your love is great. I'm broken inside, I give You my life....I may be weak, but your Spirit's strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God You never will." 

As this song played through my mind and came across my lips, I was shown how little faith I have. I looked at the mountains across from me and remembered the passage about faith the size of a mustard seed being able to move mountains. I have been shown time and time again, yet I did not even have faith that He would would bring the harvest of people we have shared with. I made that song my thought for the day. I repeated it in my mind over and over. Patience. Perseverance. Faith. 

These are gifts the Lord bestows upon us so that we may follow Him into the dark places, into the places were the light of the gospel has not yet reached. 
Have I really given my life to even though I'm broken?
 Is this summer a glimpse of what that looks like?
Do I trust what the Lord says?
Will I follow him into the hard places?
I may not have the answers to all of my questions, but I do have faith in the God of all creation that does have the answer to any question that I may have. 
  • Pray that our team would have continued patience and perseverance. 
  • Pray that our faith would grow to an immeasurable size.
  • Pray that we would trust what He say, and that we would give Him our broken lives for the sake of the gospel.