Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Nations Tour Downtown Nashville

Recently in Nashville we took about 30 newly arrived refugees to the downtown public library. We had families from Syria, Burma, the Congo, and Cuba... so many languages and cultures! We picked them up at their apartments and taught them how to use the bus system. Unfortunately, not many of them spoke English... having just arrived to the States a few days ago. So, I spent the bus ride covering them in prayer. I can't imagine the stress and culture shock they must be experiencing. How overwhelming everything must seem to them! I asked the Lord to help me share the love of the Gospel though my smiles and encouraging gestures. On the way back to our apartments, we realized (a little too late) that we had gotten on the wrong bus! Our refugee friends were very understanding and forgiving, saying 'It is good. It is ok. No problem."

Pray for these newly arrived families... that they would feel safe and cared for during their first few weeks in America. 

Pray that our team would continually reach out to them and love on them with the truth of the Gospel.