Monday, July 13, 2015

An exciting night!

Wednesday, we worked and had a Bible study with the staff.  The study was awesome! I shared my story with them because the Lord had been convicting me about my lack of openness with them.  I have not been my goofy, fun self since I have been here and I have not been open with the staff which hasn't allowed them to get to know me and it has also hindered me getting to know them.  Because of this, I was really open and transparent with them.

They were really receptive and afterwards, I could already see them being more open with me and me with them.  One of them shared that every night she wonders if she is going to hell when she dies and another one said that she is not sure where she is going when she dies, but if she were to guess, she would guess hell.  We then asked them if they wanted a way to be sure of where they were going and a way to be sure that the place they were going was heaven and they said yes.

So, we shared the gospel with them and what it means to be saved and to surrender your life to Christ and follow Him.  Then, we prayed & asked if they believed that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for our sins.  We asked if they wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts and make him the Lord of their life and follow Him and they said yes. We explained to them about a prayer of commitment. Then we prayed a prayer of commitment with them and had them pray it out loud.  Finally, we talked to them about being in God's Word and places they could start reading.  

One lady told us she wants to read about praising God and what that means and what that looks like so we gave her some places to start and we encouraged her in that.  The other lady is coming to church with us on Sunday and is bringing her son.  All in all, it was an exciting night!

Prayer requests:
1. Energy, strength, and good health
2. The workers mentioned above... that they would truly surrender to God and that their lives would be transformed and that they would read His Word and follow Him
3. That we would be an example to the kids and the staff on what it looks like to follow and trust in God

4. That I would continue to be open with the staff and allow them to get to know me and that I would get to know them more