Monday, July 13, 2015

Beach day with a "porpoise"

An excerpt from a member on the Korean Refugee Team
*No porpoises harmed or seen...but puns are fun.
July 9, 2015
Today was beach day! We got to school, ate breakfast, loaded the bus! It was just like the typical school field trip. After we took a bathroom  (햐장실) break, we finally made it to the ocean and stopped for lunch. Yes... you guessed it. Seafood. Oysters. Still living. Cooked on the small grill in the middle of our table. Thankfully I made it through without getting sick, and then we drove about five more minutes to the beach we would stay. Nicole, Cate and I all ran to the edge of the water just like in the movies. Such a fun time! Water volleyball, finding shells, playing with starfish and baby crabs, and more water volleyball!

I had avoided getting wet ALL DAY and it was just about time to get back to the bus... and then about eight students jumped me, all grabbed a limb, and carried me into the sea. I was completely soaked. I kicked and screamed but they only laughed and said "shorry! shorry!" (sorry). I was a little mad but how can I stay mad at them? They are all so cute! Then we had to shower which we were unprepared for because we were not told to bring all of the shower ammenities (perks of the language barrier). Oh well! Ya just go with the flow.

When we made it back to school we ate dinner at a local, traditional Korean restaurant. We all had chicken soup, but Korean chicken soup is a liittle different from what we are used to. The entire chicken, skin and all is just in the bowl, and you have to pick the chicken off to eat it. It was actually really good! I walked home with my student and then took a shower, put some clothes in the wash, and now I'm about to go to bed. I'm so thankful for the chill time with the students now that they are done with exams. Looking forward to spending more time with them now that there's no more school!