Thursday, July 16, 2015

For Our Prayer Warriors

The two Bicol teams are about to head into their last stretch of ministry and here is how you can pray for each person specifically: 

Austin: Pray that he will remained focused on his mission this last week. Pray that heads of households will be convicted to follow Jesus. 

Kuya Nonoy: Pray that he will continue this last week with the passion to seek the lost. Also, pray that God will raise up leaders in the barangay. 

Rachael: Pray for her as she prepares and thinks about tangible ways to be a World Christian on her campus at home. Also pray for their 9 a.m. bible study conversations to lead to their honest questions.

Jadon: Pray for God to lead him to the place that he will be a missionary. 

Cloe: Pray for her knee pain, as she has to hike up a mountain to get to her afternoon bible study. Pray for leaders to leave the started ministry with. Also, pray for Nanay C to be healed. 

Deanna: Pray for her to stay focused this last week. Pray for people to understand the true gospel. 

Ate Annie: Pray that she will continue to grow in love for God and for people. Also pray specifically for Kuya J and Ate J's family-that they will be firm in their faith.

Kason: Pray for leaders to continue to rise up in the barangay where he is serving. Pray for him as he determines his future after seeing what the Lord has done this summer. 

Bekah: Pray for her to focus on the mission. Pray for Ate E to continue to grow and become a leader despite persecution, Nanay G's eyesight to be completely healed, and for Kagawad (Counselor) J & R to come to put their faith in Christ. 

Allison: Pray that she will remained focused this last week. Pray for endurance and for her team as they are trying to form a house church. Pray for the people in her barangay to continue to understand the truth of the Bible, despite what they have been taught their whole lives. 

Kuya Glads: Pray that he will remain healthy this week. In this next week, pray for the formation of a house church in the barangay. Pray for him as he joins a traveling team after this summer is over. He will spend 6 months traveling throughout the Philippines to help mobilize churches. 

Ate Alex: Pray for her this next week as she is dealing with wisdom teeth pain. Pray for healing and that she can endure this next week as she translates. Pray for guidance as she finishes this summer; she's not sure what is coming after finishing Nehemiah Teams. 

Carson: Pray that he will see God's love more and more in his daily life. Also, pray that the hearts of the teenagers in his barangay will continue to soften.