Sunday, July 5, 2015

Becoming Family

We have become a family: living under the same roof, cooking meals together, and serving the same amazing God. We have seen each other fail and succeed, cry and smile, and have challenges and victories. But most importantly, we have seen how God has changed our lives and the Filipinos surrounding us.

Batangas City, Philippines is where we have called home the last four weeks. About an hour and a half south of the nation’s capitol, Manila, Batangas is a thriving providence dominated by the Catholic faith. Different universities and colleges are scattered throughout the city, producing many students and our tool to go on campus. The 5 of us are split into 2 teams. Caroline & I teach at BSU and STI, while Alainna, Jen, & Leah teach at CLB. We are teaching conversational English to about 8 classes per week. Along with teaching English we have been given the opportunity to grow relationships with students outside of the classroom. We spend our days on campus, meeting students and sharing the Gospel. Our lesson plans for class include scripture, Christian songs, and parables from the Bible. Through this we have been able to share our testimonies and what God has done through our lives within the classroom. We have also incorporated Bible studies and what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ. Through these English lessons we have been able to show the love of Christ and shine a light on the truth.

Pray for the students in our classes as their hear scriptural truths on a regular basis. Pray that these truths will create a thirst to know more.