Sunday, July 26, 2015

Knocks Gone Unanswered

Only 4 days left of living in Nashville! I can distinctly remember moving in to the apartment complex thinking "Eight weeks is forever and it's going to be sooooo long." Now that the end is approaching and I can speak for myself as well as the rest of my team when I say that this has been the fastest 52 days of our lives. As I reflect on all God has done through AND in me, I am awestruck. He has allowed me to meet people of all ages, colors, and languages from all over the world. However I can't help but wonder if I had missed out on any divine appointments.

From the first week in the apartment complex, children have knocked on our door asking us to come play. These knocks led to relationships built with the kids as well as their parents. The knocks led to countless meals and laughter. They have led to hours playing soccer (mostly for MaryRuth because she is a soccer phenomenon). All these opportunities have been incredible, but what about the times we were not there? Who knocked desperately when there was no one there to answer? What if we HAD been there to answer?

These wonderings have led me to appreciate the fact that our God ALWAYS answers when we knock on Heaven's door. "Knock and it will be opened to you." He answers whether we simply need to visit or are in dire need of His sweet love and encouragement. I am going to miss the precious sound of children knocking, calling me out of laziness (we have a very comfortable couch) and into their little worlds. I am grateful for a God who does not ignore our pounding on His door.

Please pray that God will bring people into the apartment complex who will answer
knocks and continue loving the children.
Pray that they will begin to knock on God's door.