Friday, July 3, 2015

June Highlight Reel Part 2

Chelsea and Charlsie, aka Gumbar Gumbar, meeting a store worker!
Day hike to a secluded beach with the team.

Courtney entertaining some local kids before the hike.
Charlsie getting ready to climb the wall and trust Courtney with her life! This was a great place to meet people!
Stephen beginning his climb. "Sikit Sikit lama lama jadi bukit"
Little by little the ant climbs the mountain.
Courtney with some new friends and the sweetest baby in the night market. This is a regular place we meet and share Isah!
Courtney enjoying arts and crafts with kids at a school.
Courtney teaching the kids a song and " creative movement".  
Courtney and Sam telling a story to the kids.
The beautiful sunsets are a daily reminder of the Father's goodness and faithfulness.
Group picture on the dock at the islands from our second trip out there.
The team enjoying a professional futbol match! Go rhinos!
Every week we venture into the Sunday Market to meet and share with people! 
Roasted seafood table to "Buka Puasa" or break fast with the locals!
June has been as incredible as this picture. Lift up the team and the people we meet! Ask for the Spirit to move in this city!