Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Must Go

I never thought that reaching the unreached would be in my future or would become my future before this summer. I actually never thought I would want to leave Texas let alone America. However, this summer has broadened my horizons to the need to reach the nations. Who knew that remaining in the States would open my naive eyes to the truths of war-torn places, physically and spiritually, nationally and internationally, and their desperate need for the Living Water? Certainly not I. 

For many years I had been praying that God would reveal to me an irresistible passion for something, anything. It wasn't until arriving in Dearborn that the Lord shook me to reality, telling me that all He wants me to do is go... go to the nations and share the gospel and love everyone in the name of His Son. After spending time with a different culture here, I feel led to be overseas, sharing the Good News with people unlikely to hear it or who lack in knowledge of it. My eyes have been open to the cruelties of this world and the need for the gospel; I feel like I must go to complete what God has called all of us to do, to do the Great Commission.