Friday, July 17, 2015

Go Tell it on the Mountains

I love seeing God's marvelous plan come to life through those that are simply willing to be obedient. This past week, our team went up into the mountains with one of our local friends to meet her family. While there, we got to speak with a man with the help of one of our translator friends. We asked if we could pray over him because the man was in poor health. He denied the request because he has different beliefs than us and was very devout to his god. However, he allowed us to share a message with him. God gave us the opportunity to share the good news with this man, his wife, and many others! The Lord reminded us of the beautiful song, "Go Tell It On The  Mountains", which applied very well to this day!

While heading back down the mountain, one of our team members walked with our local friend, N. N started speaking about how she loves hearing all the stories from the Word, but she is still confused about some things. God used the team member to speak more truth into her heart. After a minute, something clicked in N's heart and mind. She had a joyful expression and the two continued talking. She has not become a believer yet, but God is at work on her heart! The Father can use any conversation for his glory, anywhere and any time!

If there is one thing that the Father taught us all that day, it is that we are to Go and tell. Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere! Oh what joy He gives us when obeying his command to be his witness in the ends of the earth. We are praying that this blog encourages you to draw near to our Heavenly Father and see what marvelous things he will do in and through you. So, go! Go tell it on the mountains, friends!