Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Being able to CONNECT

When we are not on campus talking to students, we are spending time at Connect. Connect is a House Church in Batangas that our supervisors started planted. On Sundays we go to church and on Wednesdays we all gather for prayer meetings. Connect is also where our nationals partners, Kenneth and Emely, are from. Kenneth and Emely are both involved in campus ministries and have done Nehemiah Teams in various areas of the Philippines. Without them we would not be able to speak the language, navigate the city, or really know anything.

At the Connect House we are also able to host different events for students. One Friday we sat up tables and chairs, bought some sandwiches and coffee, and hosted a cafe night. Leah and some Connect leaders sang worship music and Caroline led us in a message about the Prodigal Son. We had at least 40 people in all to show up. We have also hosted movie nights, sports days, and just time periods to hang out and get to know the students. Through Connect and the people we have met, we have felt at home and like we belong.