Monday, July 27, 2015

Power of Prayer

Today is my last day here in the Philippines... The summer has flown by and tomorrow morning I will start my journey home. First to Alabama and then home to Texas!

Last update I told you all about Nanay Charita, (she has had a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.) My team and I have gone up to see her everyday since the first hike up the mountain, the paths have become familiar and we don't get too lost. We have loved the hike everyday, to see God's creation and to explore. I have only fallen once, on a rainy day and got covered head to toe in mud, every hike is worth it to see Nanay and her family. 

Its really hard to put the next part of the story into words. The first time we went to Nanay Charita's house we laid hands and prayed for the Lord to heal her. We prayed that if it was in the Lord's will, that he would heal her. The next day we climbed the mountain and entered the clearing of her house, I could see her smile from 100 feet away, as we approached her smile only got bigger. I didn't know what to expect. Kuya Nonoy said hello, and she began to tell him something, we sat quietly behind him. When he turned around, he had a face of shock, Nanay was able to WALK!! She said that she walked around that morning, something she had not been able to do since the stroke.

God is our healer. A women paralyzed can now walk, she had no medical help or treatments, just prayer. He healed her. He is powerful, and I'm continuously amazed at his power and grace.

Please pray for safe travels, and good health during travel.

Thank you for all your prayers, this summer has been amazing, the Lord has been at work, and your prayers have been an encouragement and comfort knowing I have each of you behind me praying and praising God for all he has done.

Here are some pictures of Masalong Salong, the first one is of our morning bible study and the others are of the mountain top bible study and our daily hikes up the mountain, which some days included many selfies, and laughs. 

The last picture is of the wonderful Women of God I have had the pleasure of spending my summer with, they have been an encouragement every day and loving on the hard ones, and I love each of them dearly! .