Sunday, July 19, 2015

How Long Have You Known?

Waray team national partners welcoming the American team members - Tacloban, June 2015
God is so awesome! The village we've been in for the past 8 days is a remote village on the Dolores River. All the houses are scattered and hard to reach, but the people are so receptive. They are the ones who come to us and ask for Bible studies.

There was an old woman with whom we shared the Gospel and she said to us, "I've lived in this world for a long time and I am very old now. Why is it that you have just come? How long have you known this?

When I heard this I felt such a heaviness and my heart broke for her and these people.

Before we left in the village we gave her a Bible and she was very thankful to God because now she can read the Word of God.

32 people joined in the Bible study and 3 people followed Christ through water baptism.
All glory to God!! 

National team member