Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An Escape from the Concrete Jungle & people... to grass and AXE body spray

After nearly one month of not seeing grass, we arrive at a campground about 45 minutes out of the city to prepare for an English camp we will be a part of.  M, a true Southerner at heart, screams, "Look, it's actual grass, It's beautiful!"  This outburst causes us to laugh hysterically, because yes it is true, the grass is truly a beautiful sight for us country boys.  (It is the small things, you know?)

Our team got to be a part of an English camp put on by a team from the States.  They happen to be from the Southern portion, which made us feel like home.  The team was delayed, which ate up their buffer time... NOT GOOD!  Jet lagged,  but happy to finally be there, the team arrived and quickly began set up for camp.

Five days of silly camp songs, free time which included a ropes course and human fooseball, and of course something about English classes... camp was tiring, but an amazing experience.  We had the opportunity to be cabin leaders for the guys.  M had the 7-8th grades, while I had the older guys.  M shared with me that his guys did not want to shower and covered up their smell with Axe.  I already knew that, I could smell them down the hall.  It is good to know that middle schoolers do not really change wherever you go.

All jokes aside, M had the opportunity to share the Good News with his cabin.  While no one responded, it was still presented.  Praise the Father!   He was faithful, we had one (that we know of) join the family at the end of the week!!!  All this to say, work here is difficult, but the He is Faithful!  He is above all and knows all.  The Father is working even if we can not see it at times.  We pray we are seeking the Father in everything we do.

Until next time,