Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let the Battle Rage

The other night, we were eating dinner with a new believer and her two friends that are Hindu. One of her Hindu friends (friend A) has a discernment of spirits. As we were waiting on food, team members K and SR shared the Good News with friend A. She responded by saying that she knew they loved others and Jesus Christ by looking into K's eyes. Friend A continued to say that as the nine of us were eating, she saw nine spirits. Seven were the same, but she had never seen it before. (NOTE: 6 team members and 1 new believer = Holy Spirit) The two other spirits were different, but she recognized them. (NOTE: 2 Hindu girls = 2 recognized spirits) 

The spirit world is very real. Spiritual warfare is very real. Before this trip, I would have thought that this story... was just a story. However, experiencing it is completely different. We continually pray that people will literally see the light of Jesus in us. We pray that people here will be placed in our path so that we can tell them about how Jesus Christ lives in us. 

He who is greater is in us, than he who is in the world.