Saturday, July 11, 2015

Buka Puasa

Selemat Pagi!

Recently we have been able to break fast with friends pretty often. This means that when it is about 6pm people who have been fasting all day will line up at the local food markets and buy food. These foods can range from chicken satay, freshly caught fish, squid, seaweed, rice on a banana leaf, all kinds of fried breads, even fried bananas!

After food is bought, people will go out to a place near the water or find an empty table in the market to sit at and just wait until it is about time to begin drinking and eating for these people for the first time in that day. 

For us, we have been able to meet friends that we have made at about this time to join them in eating and breaking fast. During these times, we have been able to share the Story, talk about the Father, and even lift up these people while we are together. We have found this to be a great time to just talk and sit and learn about our new friends as we share with them also.

Just the other day we were able to meet some local university students while we were out during the day. That same night, we were able to go out and break fast with them. We were able to talk with them a lot, as they were excited to practice their English with us! We got to share with them the Story. This was the first time they had heard. They were all interested to learn more. We were so happy to get to spend time with these new friends.

Please lift up these university students as well as all of the other friends we have made that we are getting to break fast with. 

He is Worthy!