Friday, July 10, 2015

Patience is a Virtue

We have been in Thailand for a month now, and have really become close with the people, culture, and about a million friendly ants. God has been faithful and has answered our prayers. Our prayers that we would find people that could speak English well enough that we could share the gospel with.

Last Thursday we had a day off from school and we decided to split up; one of us felt called to go to a fair that was going on and the other two felt like we should explore. When we met back up at the house in the evening we had both explained that we had shared the gospel with people. At the fair it was an English teacher we had at a school we help at. The exploring team met two guys outside the "Monkey Park". One was Buddhist, the other was Muslim.

We praise God that He gave us an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who had not heard it. God has humbled us and has shown us that we should be patiently obedient. He has shown us that He has a plan for this region and that if we stay obedient to him people will hear his good news. Praise God for everything he has done and will do!
Our friends from the monkey park

Please Pray:
  • For those we share with this week... that the Lord will continue to speak to their hearts
  • Our friend we are preparing to share the Gospel with this week
  • That we would find more English speakers
  • That we would be continually strengthened and encouraged