Sunday, July 5, 2015

University Cultural Exchange

Our team went to an Islamic University and shared a presentation about ourselves. We then broke into groups and were able to share more intimately about who we are while giving the students opportunity to share a little bit about themselves and ask questions. They asked questions about our culture, continuing education in America, and what was our favorite food to eat here. The best question asked was concerning our religion. This opened an opportunity for me to share the Gospel with 12 of the female students. They were very receptive and asked meaningful questions. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in these girl's lives. 

After our Cultural Exchange we met with a student from the Islamic University and had coffee with him at a local coffee shop. Kathryn and I were able to hear from him what he considers to be truth in the Islamic religion. To listen to him speak of what he believes to be true was very hard to hear. We could feel the darkness surrounding us in that coffee shop. We respected him sharing with us and saw that as an opportunity to shed some "light" on the situation. We shared the truth that we know to believe is the way, truth, and light. He wasn't as willing to listen to what we had to say but we were able to plant a seed which we trust the Holy Spirit will continue to nurture.