Friday, July 17, 2015

Eye Opener

A few days ago while I was with the Mountain Trek team we went out the the village of SN which is a different village than the one they've been staying in. It's also a different environment than the one we've found ourselves used to. The work there is more survey because it's a completely new area and if the opportunity presents itself the team is more than happy to set up Bible studies. However, this village has been very unreceptive. They ask their survey question and eventually sheer the conversation toward the Gospel but people have just been very closed to wanting to hear more.

The Mountain Trek team would not be discouraged though.

They kept up their work knowing that what they were doing was vitally important to future ministry in this village ad that maybe they weren't even planting seeds, but they were at least plowing the ground for someone to come behind them and plant the seeds so that someone could again come behind them and water the soil and so on.

I was privileged to be there when they finally broke ground and even saw fruit they never thought they'd be able to see in that village.

I was with Kallie and Glen and we were going house to house and the first one of the day had a woman named Mary Jane that Kallie spoke with... shared the Gospel... and was overjoyed to show her how to pray and accept Christ as her personal Saviour.

The very next house we visited held a woman named Leah that I spoke with and was able to lead her in the same way.

Both of these woman accepted Christ as their Saviour and are now assured salvation. It really hit Kallie and me that day the severity of what God was using us for. We both teared up a little and agreed that even if those were the only people we had seen come to Christ this summer it all would have been more than worth it. Two months of our lives for someone else's eternity? That will always be more than worth it.

It was an eye opening experience to see fruit in such a spiritually oppressed place.

Praise God!

Please pray for people's hearts to be softened and for them to have clarity when the team shares with them.

Please pray for Leah and Mary Jane. Pray for their husbands to understand God's love also. Pray for these men to see their sin, repent, and seek after Christ as their wives have.