Friday, July 10, 2015

First Fourth: Two Worlds-One Family

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the Fourth of July for the first time? Here in Nashville, "First Fourths" are very common. New refugees arrive each week. Three weeks ago, a Muslim family arrived from a camp in Rwanda. I (Hannah) have learned to follow where God draws my heart, and this family definitely pulled me. The family consists of two boys, A (20) and S (16), and three girls, F (19), S1 (15), and S2 (9), and their mother M. Their father remains in Africa.

Since my family lives close to Nashville, they decided to join me for July 4th. I wanted to introduce them to the Rwandan family, and after sharing a meal together, it was decided that we would all go to downtown Nashville for fireworks. I wondered if it was the right decision. After all, the crowds might overwhelm them, they dressed differently, and M had said that fireworks reminded her of gunshots.

Within the first hour, my worries evaporated. The two families (mine and the new Americans) could not have been more different, but we all walked together, dancing to the blaring country music and sharing the occasional hug or high five. Although the rain completely snuffed out the fireworks, it will forever be the most memorable Fourth of July. F told me she was so glad to spend her First Fourth with me and that she never wants to forget it. God blessed me incredibly by allowing my family to meet and connect with people I a ministering to. The relationships that were formed between us all that night will remain for years to come. Isn't God amazing?!?


Please pray that our team will have opportunities to share Jesus' love with this beautiful family. 
Pray that He will provide a way for their father to join them in America. 
 Dinner cooked by the talented F!

 A's First Fourth!
 Shaylyn, my apartment roommate, joined us!

God bless!