Sunday, July 5, 2015

Visiting the Red Light District

Kathryn and I were invited by a local believer to go with her to a local Red Light District. One of the many prayers already answered by the Father was that the much respected mayor of this city closed the district down and has since then placed closed security around that area to ensure that no activity took place. Praise God! Although the area was closed to sex trafficking, many of the women still live there and do business in secret. As a part of the believer's local ministry, she visits with the ladies and walks the streets praying for opportunities to meet women willing to invite her into their homes. 
Saturday morning we walked through the streets of one of the once most advertised places for prostitution. We fervently prayed for someone to welcome us into their house. We came across a woman who had spoken with the believer several times and was comfortable with us talking with her. She led us to one of her friend's house. Both of the ladies were still active in prostitution but was willing to meet with us. With the help of the believer, she was able to translate questions that we wanted to ask each other. An hour into the conversation we were able to ask deeper questions that truly revealed what was below the surface of what these women were dealing with. Both came from several failed marriages, abusive husbands, and separation from family. But the most difficult for us to hear was the lack of love they felt. One of the ladies in particular had never known what it meant to be loved. Kathryn and I shared with her the greatest love that she could ever receive and that is the love of God, our Father. We expressed His love by sharing the Gospel. Our team prays heavily for these women. 

Please pray that these women will become open to experiencing the greatest love of all- God's everlasting love.