Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vacation Time!

This past Thursday through Sunday we enjoyed our team vacation! We began by enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Jennings Thursday before they drove us to nearby Eden Nature Park, where we would enjoy two days of cool mountain air. They was much to see and do at this secluded park, such as zip-lining, riding “sky bikes,” swimming, hiking, and of course enjoying some good food.

Our team with Kuya Jess
To celebrate America’s Independence Day on Saturday, we were invited to the Jennings for a time of food and fellowship with several missionary families. It was an all-American spread including hotdogs and hamburgers with all the fixings, plus a variety of desserts. It was special to watch all the missionary kids play while we enjoyed sitting and hearing their parents’ stories from life on the mission field.

Our final day of vacation on Sunday proved to be a very busy and exciting day.  After attending an early church service, the 3 of us plus Kuya Jess & another missionary student who recently arrived, Talon, set off for a day of fun on nearby Samal Island. Once loading the “minicab” onto a ferry and crossing the bay from Davao to Samal, our first stop was the beautiful Hagimit Falls. Basically it was a series of countless, light blue waterfalls. It was so much fun jumping from the waterfalls into the water holes below. And quite a workout between climbing over the many rocks and battling the water currents! From the waterfalls we went to see a massive tree, called the “Spirit Tree.” We all agreed we’ve never seen such a gigantic tree trunk in our lives! As we made our way back to the ferry we stopped at a gorgeous overlook for a view of the ocean, and also stopped for a visit where the Filipino AOT training takes place. After our day full of adventure, we were thankful to be welcomed back to Davao with a delicious dinner by Ate Wendy. We were so thankful for these few days to have some fun, relax, and see more of this beautiful place. Now to finish our final 3 weeks here at Mercy strong, making the most of every opportunity for our Lord!    

Thanks again for all your love, prayers and support!

Emily, Savannah and Katelyn