Saturday, July 4, 2015

Student at the Coffee Shop

My supervisor's wife and I met a college student at a coffee shop tonight who has been studying with her every week since April. Someone shared the Gospel with her then and she has been eagerly studying through the Torah ever since. On our first meeting, we studied Genesis 12 about Abraham. Despite her broken English, and my virtually non-existent knowledge of her language, (luckily my supervisor's wife can translate most things) we talked for almost an hour about Abraham, Jesus, and the Gospel. Her innocent questions reminded me why I was here:  to help people like her enter the Kingdom of God. 

The next week, I met with her alone, and she walked right up to me, and said "I have so many questions for you." What a blessing! I've never met anyone so open and seeking. 

Pray for this student.
Pray that her thirst for knowing God will drive her desire to continue to study God's word.
Pray that her questions will be answered & she will understand accept God's unconditional love for her.