Monday, July 20, 2015

Criminals, Maybe... but it was worth it.

So, there we are at a crossroad.  What do we do?  Our caravan had been stopped by the local police to investigate what was causing a great commotion in the area.  One of the girls in our car did not bring her passport, so we did the logical thing.  We fled slowly and quietly while the police left to take a few individuals to the station.  This was only the first day.

Rest assured, we were doing nothing illegal.  Because the religion here is so engrained in the culture and the country, the priest of the local church or a local villager can call the police and report something suspicious. Passing out a New Testament is not illegal, so if you are taken into custody, you will be let go.  Most often, this is used as a scare tactic to get you to stop what you are doing.  It did not work!

This past week, The summer intern team got the opportunity to join in with almost 350 people from 6 different continents and over a dozen countries to give out over 122,000 New Testaments.  Yes, that is correct,  122,000 New Testaments in six days.  This project was called Kathespiti, which means every home. This project has been going on for 9 years and the goal for this project is to eventually, hopefully by 2019, to have a New Testament in every home in country.  The Father definitely provided in many ways this week.  Both M and Myself  (D) have been feeling ill with head and chest colds that hit at the beginning of the week.  The Father provided strength to be able to participate in the project,  but he also provided the other volunteers strength as we finished the project as needed. 

Each day, we started around 8 AM with breakfast, we then packed the car down with New Testaments, and headed to our villages or cities. We would distribute for until we finished our assigned regions, then head back to camp.  We had dinner and worship every evening which was such and encouragement for everyone.  After a long hot day of physically and spiritually exhausting work, coming to the Father in worship was a needed time.  The Father filled us up every evening, so we could again go out and empty ourselves day after day.

This summer has truly been a recurring story of how our Father is global and His heart for the nations.  He is using the nations to reach the nations, it is such a beautiful story.  This week was an amazing pouring out of the Father's awesome power.  As we were going out, we were dispatched to a city with a lot of apartment buildings.  We asked the Father for access to the buildings so we could deliver the gifts to every home.  We would pull up to the building, push on the door, and it would open or we would call a resident and they would let us in.  In the entirety of that day, there were only 4 buildings we could not enter. Our Father was providing.

We have two teams joining us that we will be helping around the city and joining them in work this coming week.  It will be busy, but great.  It is hard to believe the only have 11 days left. 
Pray that we:
Will feel better
Finish Strong
Not let the Evil One discourage us from our last week of Service

Na Sai' Kala (May you be well)