Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ulot Journal Entries: Emmy

Emmy and one of our national partners
This summer has been an amazing experience. God has stretched me in so many ways and taught me so much during these two months. At times it has been tough, but God would always pull me through. He has given me a new found confidence in myself. He has shown me that I too can be a leader and that I'm worthy to preach His name.

This trip has also shown me how important it is that we preach God's name and the Gospel to as many people as we can. Two experiences this summer have shown me this. The first was in Sitouma. We had been discipling these believers for about three weeks and it was one of our last Bible studies. We started saying our goodbyes to the people there and one of the ladies told us how grateful she was for us but then asked us, "If the Gospel has been around for so long, why are you just now telling us?" This really tugged at our hearts. It truly showed me how Christians have become so comfortable in their lives and don't see the urgency of going and telling others about the Gospel.

The second experience happened in onn of our most recent barangays. We had been having Bible studies with several of the people. One of the ladies was Ate L & we'd had several studies with her. You could tell she was very thirsty for God's word. On our last day we were saying goodbye to the people and praying for them and when we got to her house she told us how grateful she was for us and that "Because of you I now know the way of Jesus." It was amazing to see how God used us in this lady's life and how she came to know Him.

All the praise, glory, and honor goes to Jesus Christ for all the amazing, emotional, crazy, and fun experiences that happened this summer.

~ Emmy