Thursday, June 23, 2016

4 Births

Amy holding a newborn!
Earlier this week, we were all feeling a bit discouraged. We had all had several shifts where we saw no births at the clinic. Sure, we were staying busy when we worked during the day with pre-natal and baby checks and such, but we had not seen many births. Being able to help with women in labor was one of the things we were most excited about, so it made us sad that no women were coming in. We discussed our struggles as a a group, and brought it to God in prayer. We asked Him to show us why He had brought us here and  how we could serve Him better. 

The very next day we saw four births! It was a busy day full of excitement and joy. We realized through all of this that God showed us (yet again) that this trip is all about Him. I think we all had our own agendas or expectations whether we meant to or not, but God's agenda is the one that matters. It also showed us that God is faithful and will give us more than we expect if we will only ask Him. There are still hard & slow days, but we will keep trusting the Lord and His promises!

Prayer Requests:
Pray for the midwives & the rest of the Administrators here at Mercy Clinic