Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spice Islands Update: Sunday Service

It has been a very busy Sunday here in SEA! We were asked to come speak at a local church and share what we are here to do. It is such an encouragement to see this body of people coming together to lift us up and encourage us throughout our time here.
Afterwards, we used the pocket projector provided by NT to show the life of Jesus to the little ones. They were so intrigued. They kept asking how it was showing on the board! I love to see their little hearts watching and asking questions. This pocket projector has been the single best tool in sharing here. People and so interested and we use this interest to share with them.
After church we went and tour the village some and had the chance to go to the top of the mountain. Once arrived, it began to rain like crazy. We looked around the corner only to find around 30-40 youth sitting under this building. We were definitely there for a purpose. We shared with them, lifted them up, and of course, took selfies! The Father does not have to send a huge sign to tell you that you are where you are supposed to be. I thank Him for sending us these youth, they truly blessed us this Sunday. Prayer Requests ---To keep having these divine appointments. ---To continue to lift each other up on the team. ---To accept the culture and try to adapt as much as possible. To our friends and family back home.....we miss y'all, but not enough to come home yet! Haha. The chicken fried rice is still too good here! Sending much love from SEA to Louisiana and Texas.

Hike after church